Expand your 3D printing capabilities with PING3D Plus 3D printer.

DELTA Structure

In order to provide customers with the most accurate, sturdy, and durable DELTA 3D printing equipment, eliminating the need for fasteners and using the simplest connection method to create the most solid overall architecture on the market, reducing assembly time and difficulty, and It greatly increases the stability of the machine, and it also enables the printed product to meet the expectations under long-term operation.

Glass platform

With the exclusive design of the entire machine structure, CNC precision cutting and grinding of the glass platform, in addition to aesthetics, is easier to dismantle when you need to clean the platform. Without removing the platform, it is also possible to easily remove the printed product using a plastic squeegee and the included scraper, which also greatly increases the operating efficiency.


Touch UI

PING has specially designed a "touch-sensitive" panel, which has improved the original rasterized text interface to a full-color graphical user interface, providing a more concise and clear presentation of the original, complex and difficult-to-understand interface. The intuitive interface allows you to Simple and easy to use.

Heated Build platform

Increasing the success rate of printing can effectively reduce the impact of ambient temperature on prints, thereby increasing the success rate of printing, and reducing the cost of lost time.

Suspension of reprint

To print unfinished products without starting from scratch, press the pause button. After troubleshooting or reloading, reprint from the pause

Shutdown storage

Shut down midway, manually store the breakpoint position, and print it after the next power on and on.

Material End


3D printing will automatically 
pause when the material runs out.


The 32-bit multiprocessor provides faster processing speeds and allows the surface of the printed product to be even and detailed.



Design and Made In Taiwan


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