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  • The Nozzledesing ofNozzel-Throat Stainless Steel design can be changed within one minute,  and the nozzles can be disassembled for as many times without worrying about how it might be stuck.

  • Heated-aluminum brick should be machining precisely to make the Temperature sensor and Thermistor fit tightly, it will allow the system to function more efficiently.

  • PING's professional assemble makes the Nozzle-Copper Mouth fits with Nozzle-throat tightly with no gaps in between.

  • Nozzle Copper Mouth Size: 0.2mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 1.0mm

  • Nozzle's type can be matched with different materials such as Normal / High Temper / Hight Flow / Wear Resistant.

  • UI design making users can operate easily.

  • 3.5 inches touch panel, sizeable, operate precisely.

  • Chinese / English interface, loading Chinese / English files.

  • Stop the machine and switch the filament, let filament not to be wasted, also can switch filaments of a different color, can make products to be more unique.

  • Auto-Level speed of correction and precision compensation.

  • External Z Probe, reduce 3D Printer Head weight, simplify 3D printer Head design.

  • 37 spot detection plane height error, array dynamic compensation.

  • Use touch panel keypad, join the PING 3D Printer's Wifi.

  • Exclusive proprietary software, in a common domain search PING's facilities.

  • Remote preheating, finished the slice settings can skip the warming up and start printing.

  • Remote upload files, reduce SD card insertion and withdrawal.

  • Use aluminum alloy, CNC precision machining pillars, especially increase the width of pillars to achieve maximum stability.

  • Aluminum alloy and crossbeam directly to the lock, embedded one-piece design, reduce assembly tolerance.

  • Insulation hose pipe tube rubber, lock the heat, not to lost, have insulation effect.

  • Power 150 W, up to 100 degrees.

  • Printing PLA, can not apply white glue, the print will be the glossy effect.

  • Timing belt Made In Taiwan, inclusion Kevler wire, long life, can print at high speed.

  • Japanese precision miniature slide rail.

  • Light preload level, gapless assembly, achieve high precision.

  • Steel ball retainer makes slide rail very quiet, dustproof effect, no need for oil maintenance. 

  • Made In Taiwan, precision machining / /gapless.


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